Preschool Size Weighted Blanket - Denim Blue Tone-on-Tone Minky

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Product Description

This Preschool Size custom blanket is the ideal choice for young children 4 feet tall and under to help with sleep or during times of frustration or anxiety. The ideal size for a weighted blanket used for the purpose of restorative sleep needs to be long enough to go from the shoulders past the toes in length, wide enough to lay over the body, and touching the bed on either side of the child.

In addition, the preschool blanket is also a good size for older youth and adults who only want pressure over their lap and legs for calming and anxiety. This size also works well for travel and “on-the-go" regulation when wrapped around the the core or draped across the lower body.


The inner layer of the blanket is constructed with baffled sections of virgin glass micro beads, ensuring equal weight distribution and secure containment. It is available in 4, 6, and 8 pound choices. 


Preschool Size Weighted Blanket Dimension: 36" x 48"

See the second and third pictures for size comparisons to our other blankets-- the Preschool Size is the light blue blanket in the second picture and the red rectangle in the third picture.


One side of the blanket is made with a smooth navy minky fabric, and the other side is made with a denim-colored bumpy minky fabric--perfect for that extra textural sensory input!


Blanket can be washed and dried on normal cycle.


Please note that due to variations of computer monitors and browsers, the blanket colors may vary slightly from the image on your screen.  These colors were hand-selected by Stacy to complement each other and create a beautiful custom blanket.