Dinosaur Magnets Book and Magnet Set

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Product Description

Learn all about dinosaurs with this colorful and interactive first book of magnets. Place eight dinosaur magnets in the appropriate scenes and have fun with your favorite prehistoric friends!

This book is the perfect in-the-car activity, as the magnets make it so that the pieces are not easily lost. There are also five different play scenes for your child to use to their creative delight!

Additionally, the process of picking up and positioning the magnets is an excellent fine-motor activity which will work on developing your child's pincer grasp. The pincer grasp is a precursor to more refined grasp patterns such as the tripod grasp, which is used when hand-writing. By incorporating activities that challenge your child's fine motor skills, their hand strength and coordination will increase, leading to an easier time with more complex tasks such as handling a writing utensil or even buttoning or tying their shoes.