Chewable Pack for Girls

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These new Chewable Packs from Stacy's Sensory Solutions is a wonderful collection of 4 different chewables made more for girls' preference.  Included in Set 1 is a heart chew, a peace sign chew, a butterfly on a cool cord, and a cool cord bracelet.  Included in Set 2 is a heart chew, a peace sign chew, a butterfly chew, and a flower chew all on a shoe string. 

The cool cords are made from strips of cotton jersey with 5% lycra for a little stretch.  They are designed for those who like to chew on collars, necks, or sleeves. They are completely washable/dryable and very durable.  The peace sign, butterfly, flower and the heart are more for moderate chewers.  The Chewables are PVC, BPA & Phylate Free.   

*Butterfly Chew colors may vary.

These Chewable Packs for Girls is available for pick-up in the Dallas, TX, area to avoid shipping costs.