Weighted objects

Posted by Stacy Wright on 2nd Mar 2014

Weighted objects in the shape of balls, animals and squares are available in weights from half a pound to ten pounds. These are pliable, made from sensory appealing fabrics and can be washed and dried on normal cycles. The weight is self contained in an inner bladder.

At home and within the educational setting

  • Use when your child is seeking input
  • Use for hand eye coordination exercises
  • Use for times when heavy work is appropriate. Ball/Pals can be placed in backpacks
  • Use for crossing the mid line exercises
  • Place in your child’s lap when he is upset or frustrated to allow for a cooling off period
  • Have your child hold or carry around a Pal when your child is anxious and needs calming or comfort
  • Have your child wear a back pack with a ball or Pal on trips to and from school, the store or other destinations to help himself regulate on the way or use during other times when behavior issues tend to arise