Sensory Toys and Chewables

Posted by Stacy Wright on 6th Apr 2014

There are many problem solving toys and hand fidgets that can be used in therapy sessions and within the classroom environment and at home. These toys have been selected because the toy gives an opportunity for your child to think or provides textures, sounds, lights or other stimulation to occupy the student’s restless hands. As parents and relatives of special needs children, we are always looking for toys that can play a part in the progress of our children. Filling Christmas stockings, Easter baskets and birthday packages with fidgets that help our children deal with their sensory issues in a fun way to meet their needs.

At home and within the educational setting

  • Use problem solving toys as you teach students to break down the steps for gross or fine motor planning
  • Use fidgets to occupy restless hands or provide distraction from stemming or ticks
  • Use BPA free chewables and fidgets for students with oral fixation issues
  • Use problem solving toys for a cooling off period for a student who has just had a blow up. Allow student to choose a problem solving toy such as a Perplexus or Orbit ball and give them time to manipulate the toy. Many times your child will become distracted and begin talking about the situation that has just happened or at least be open to discussing it. This is a good strategy to mention to the counselors at your child’s school.
  • We carry a full line of BPA free non-toxic chewables. The chewables are dishwasher safe. Each chewable comes on a breakaway lanyard. However, it can be attached to a wrist weight, belt loop or lap pad as well.