Lycra Hammocks

Posted by Stacy Wright on 2nd Feb 2014

Lycra hammocks come in three weights and can be used suspended from the ceiling or c-swing stand or as a non-suspended piece of equipment. Even the lightest weight hammock is capable of holding 200 pounds, but the nature of the Lycra allows a heavy child to sink so low to the ground that the hammock must be hung very high making it difficult to get inside. Hammock selection should be based on the child’s weight.

At home and within the educational setting

  • Suspended - use to rev a student’s engine down with gentle swaying or cocooning during periods of anxiety, frustration or aggression. Great activity to add to your bedtime routine.
  • Suspended - bouncing or spinning in the hammock can be used to alert in order to attend to a task when your child student has zoned out or is seeking input and needs pressure or G-force
  • Non-suspended - use to wrap around your child for total body hug
  • Non-suspended - use with a scooter board to propel child forward and grab a bean bag or other object on the way for hand eye coordination or just for fun when he needs a sensory break