Ghost Sack

Posted by Stacy Wright on 5th Jan 2014

We call our body sacks “ghost sacks” because one of our clients asked for the sack using that term and it stuck. These sacks come in different sizes. The sacks are meant to be fitted but not tight so when the student moves he is pushing against the Lycra to get pressure and feel where the parts of his body are in space. These sacks come in 4 sizes and the size is determined by the student’s height.

Outside of school:

  • Use when a student needs to cocoon or go to a quiet place
  • Use to increase body awareness
  • Use as a fun way to work on right and left or crossing the midline
  • Use during a ‘melt down’ to restore sense of calm
  • Use for core development and body awareness by having student wear the body sack while standing on a rocker board

During school:

  • The applications above would all be appropriate in a school setting