4 Ways to Bust the Summer Blues

Posted by By Stacy Wright on 14th Jul 2014

Keeping our kids with autism busy in the summer is always a challenge. Here are a few ideas that might help bust the blues right out of your sensory-craving kid!

1. Shaving Cream

Yes, we know it is messy, but a “messy kid is a happy kid”! Put the shaving cream in a tray and let your child draw designs, ;letters, and numbers. Or go crazy and let your child cover himself with the whole bottle outside in the grass. If you have a trampoline, sliding in shaving cream while jumping is always a blast.

2. Rice Tub
Uncooked rice is relatively cheap and can be used in so many different ways. If your child is small, get a storage bin and fill it 1/4 the way up. Put cups and toys in the bin and your child can sit inside and play for hours! If you have a larger child, plug the drain and fill an unused bathtub 1/4 the way up with rice. He will love this new found happy place.
3. Carpet Skates

Like socks on a hardwood floor, Fun Skates give you that same "fun-powered glide" on carpet. The skates can be a fun way for your child to get sensory input and glide away his/her wiggles. These skates have an ultra smooth base and an adjustable hook and loop closure. Just strap them onto athletic shoes and you are ready to go. Ages 6 and up. Best to start off by walking slowly, then progress into pushing off with your toe as you would with socks on a bare floor. This will help with coordination and gross motor control.

4. Knee Hockey

This fun, interactive toy simulates real hockey puck action gliding on carpet and on bare floors. The carpet puck is about the same diameter as an official hockey puck, but it has soft high density foam making it safer than other pucks. It bounces off walls and baseboards. The ultra-smooth base glides over any type of carpet and other floors, too. The playing motion helps to develop hand-eye coordination and timing. The movement also helps strengthen moving across the body mid-line.

Please go to http://www.stacyssensorysolutions.com for more ideas on how to bust the summer blues.