Lap Pads and Weighted Neckwraps

Posted by Stacy Wright on 3rd Nov 2013

Lap Pads and Neck Wraps

Lap pads come in two sizes. The shorter version is made to sit on top of the lap and provide pressure on top of the lap. The longer version is made to drape across the lap with each end resting on the chair or floor to ground the student to the seating area. Both sizes come with fidget loops on each corner and four fidget pouches which attach to the loops. These pouches have various textures that the students can manipulate.

Neck wraps come in two sizes and 3 weights. The weight is evenly distributed in the wrap so that the weight is then evenly distributed across the upper chest and back and across the shoulders of the student. The weight in both the lap pad and neck wrap is self contained inside its own inner bladder. Both are washed and dried on normal cycles.

Outside of school:

  • Use to ground your child to his chair during meals and seated activities such as homework
  • Use during long car rides to help regulate (ie…vacation car or plane rides). Attached fidgets add distraction for restless hands, ticks and oral fixations
  • Use while sitting in waiting rooms or during church to help regulate and provide a sense of calm. Attached fidgets add distraction for restless hands, ticks and oral fixations
  • Neck wraps can be used in combination with a weighted blanket to provide pressure around the neck and upper shoulders to aide in going to sleep faster

During the school:

  • Use to “ground” your students during activities requiring a seated position ( circle time, seat work, lunch, centers, computer time and assemblies)
  • Use to provide needed sensory input which aides in student self regulation and staying on task
  • Use fidgets attached to lap pad to provide a constructive opportunity for restless hands and a distraction from ticks.
  • Use neck wraps for calming during fire drills and stormy weather
  • Use lap pads across shoulders and back of head during duck and cover drills to calm fears and anxiety during the drill.