About Us

What We Stand For:

Each of our children is unique and has different gifts to offer the world. Our mission is to create customized, stylish weighed products that bring out your children's personalities and help give them the confidence to celebrate who they are. 


Stacy's Story:

Stacy's inspiration for the business came from personal reasons. She and her husband recognized that their oldest daughter, Natalie, had personal challenges long before she was diagnosed with Sensory Integration Disorder. Stacy began sewing products to help her daughter deal with those challenges, making sure that the products were stylish and reflected Natalie's personality. This emphasis allowed Natalie to feel more confident that she had special gifts to share with the world.

Stacy's Sensory Solutions was born!

As the business grew, family friends Norm Haltiner, Master Craftsman, and his wife Priss Haltiner, joined the business. We are a growing company passionate about providing an exceptional level of personal service and meeting the sensory needs of you and your children. 

So if you need one of our cool products customized to meet your child's unique needs, give Stacy a call! We make our custom products one at a time locally so we can easily make changes to design. Unique solutions for unique children!